Bielita Luxury Epic Ink Liner pen eyeliner felt-tip, black

Bielita Luxury Epic Ink Liner pen eyeliner felt-tip, black


Tone Black 589
6 gramm.
The pencil is firmly held throughout the day and is not smeared.


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Tone Black 589

WATERPROOF pen eyeliner felt-tip: Get the perfect long-lasting cat eye look with Bielita Luxury Epic Ink Liner, pen eyeliner felt-tip, Black.
PRECISE TIP: Our ultra-precise tip is flexible and easy to use. Every stroke is unbelievably fluid for a defined finish. Control the thickness of your lines by pressing down just a touch. Fine and natural, broad and bold—the look is always up to you!
HIGH QUALITY: Try our quality metallic liners, gel eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, cream eyeliners & pencil eyeliners in multiple colors for bold & beautiful designs by Bielita Luxury.
THRIVE WITH CRUELTY FREE COSMETICS: Bielita Luxury is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand. We do not test any of our products on animals.
PERFECT TO PAIR WITH: Try with Bielita Luxury Setting Spray, to keep your whole look locked in all day long.

Eyeliner-felt-tip pen is easy to use and allows you to easily draw perfect arrows in one motion.
The thin applicator allows you to quickly, clearly, while smoothly and easily creating bright and effective lines of very different thicknesses: from elegant and sophisticated to catchy and wide.

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