Eyelids and face serum Belita Viteks “Amazing Skin 25+”

Eyelids and face serum Belita Viteks “Amazing Skin 25+”


30 ml (approx. 1,0 oz).

Suitable for skin 25+

Express serum for face and eyelids “Amazing skin” – the transformation of your skin in a few minutes.

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The complex of active ingredients, which is part of the express serum, affects the skin in several ways:

  • gives a natural shine
  • instantly enlivens the complexion
  • moisturizes the skin and gives a sense of comfort and beauty
  • has an instantaneous smoothing effect

Aquaxyl is a moisturizing complex that helps cells to keep moisture reserves and prevent skin water loss. As a result, the peeling decreases, the microrelief is leveled, the skin becomes smooth, elastic and elastic.

D-panthenol deeply penetrates the skin and fills it with moisture, giving a feeling of softness and comfort throughout the day.

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