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Anti-cellulit kroppskräm INTENSIV BIELITA Vitex

Anti-cellulit kroppskräm INTENSIV BIELITA Vitex


250 ml

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Highly effective anti-cellulite cream, warming up when contacting with wet skin. It substantially decreases cellulite symptoms, flattens skin, makes it firmer. It is good for body care in winter.

Significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Smoothes the skin and gives it elasticity.

Highly effective anti-cellulite cream, warming up when in contact with moist skin.

Anticellulite cream complex (caffeine, lemon, L-carnitine, theophylline, guarana, iodinated zein) reduces theorange peel effect”, stimulates the burning of body fat.

Plant extractsred pepper, wild yam, gingko biloba, wheat germ DNAhave cellulite and warming effect, tighten the skin.

Natural oilssunflower oil and oil of arnicanourish the skin and making it soften.

Method of use:
Apply a small amount to clean, damp skin after a shower of problem areas or bathing and massage massaging until completely absorbed.

The drug is very active, and slightly warms up and pinch up the skin.
Does not apply to people with varicose veins and those with sensitive skin to the extract of red pepper.
Recommended to conduct individual test: Apply a small amount of cream on the skin elbow one day before use. If no irritationuse.
Avoid contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, etc.).
Keep away from children

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