Facial BB Cream “Matte Perfection” Universal Tone

Facial BB Cream “Matte Perfection” Universal Tone


Facial Selfie BB Cream “Matte Perfection”

Volume: 30 ml

Tone: universal

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The facial BB cream is a tone-correcting product used for an exquisite even facial tone and matte skin perfection. This product efficiently adjusts to the natural complexion.
The complex of active ingredients eliminates oily glow, visually reduces the pores, conceals imperfections, and makes the skin matte glowing from the inside without any oily glow.
  • for skin type: oily, combination
  • effect: matting, feeding, pore contraction, tinting, imperfection masking, lifting
  • active ingredients: vitamin E, group B vitamins, caffeine
  • suitable for neck and décolleté skin

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