Bielita & Vitex Perfect Hair BB Spray Serum Leave-in

Bielita & Vitex Perfect Hair BB Spray Serum Leave-in


150 ml

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BB Spray Serum is a multitasking product that delivers 12 benefits due to a set of special active ingredients:

  1. Instant recovery of hair structure
  2. Protection against breakage and split ends
  3. Hair revitalization
  4. Increase in natural volume
  5. Healthy hair shine
  6. Enhanced elasticity and strength
  7. Long-lasting freshness of hair
  8. Tame unruly hair
  9. Thermal
  10. Anti-static effect
  11. Light formula without adding weight
  12. Detangling

Application: spray on damp hair at a distance of 15-20 cm by dosing the product depending on the length of hair, and spread over the entire length from root to tip. The product can be applied to dry hair for a more natural styling. Do not rinse!

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